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Lower Your Deductible and Increase Your Liability

For private vehicles, the licence plate insurance deductible is $700 and liability coverage is only $200,000. Liability is by far the most important reason to buy a package policy.

With a package policy, you can lower your deductible from $700 to as low as $50 and increase your liability to $1,000,000  $2,000,000 $3,000,000 or higher.

If you have an accident with your car and you want to have the insurance pay for a rental car while it is being fixed, then you will need to add Loss Of Use Coverage.

Rental Car Coverage - ( Loss Of Use )

Optional Coverage

Road Hazard Glass

Choose from $50, $100, $200 deductibles and up.

Replacement Coverage

No depreciation available on new vehicles

Loss of Use

Pays for your transportation costs if your vehicle is stolen or damaged. This option also covers you for "repair time" charges if your rental vehicle is damaged.

Comparison Chart

Standard Coverage

No Fault Coverage*

Torte Coverage*

*Injury payments follow your choice of injury protection under the basic licence plate insurance

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